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Role Requirements

At Post Shock we aim for an immersive storytelling experience that has a continuous flow, and no jarring stops and starts when changing scenarios. The challenge of flowing transitions between free roam roleplay to pre-planned scenarios falls to the NPCs. As an NPC you will have some control over the direction of the story. While a starting point and an endgame are planned, how the player base travels from start to end is able to be heavily influenced by yourself. We aim to let the story develop naturally, but of course still keep things moving along, and that is where NPCs will shine, helping direct players in certain directions that lead to new and exciting plot points in unexpected ways. As a bonus activity, NPCs will get to give players quests and tasks to complete in exchange for reward.

NPCs main role is to improve and rise the experience of players, you are there to make sure they have the best game they can, NPCs are never there for their own win.



The Benefits


As an NPC, you will receive exclusive ingame benefits, as well as out-of-game benefits. NPCs will receive heavily discounted prices during day events, Their own choice of suitable respawn locations (other than Death). NPCs will also be given the freedom to play their characters how they want, and will also be given a guideline of what events they can attempt to make happen. They will also have certain restrictions on gear and equipment lifted, as well some potential for additional Hit Points as an NPC.

The Challenge


Now of course, not everyone will be able to become an NPC, so the challenge now is to present to us your idea for an NPC. The character can be whatever you want, but the following questions need to be considered. How will this character contribute to the Post Shock experience? What quests and missions can they provide to help keep players active and engaged during day events. What dynamic will your NPC bring to the Post Shock roleplay and storyline?