World Enders


The term 'World Ender" was a slur for scientist which originated from their role in in creating the Apocalypse. Although many scientists and similarly educated people are hated by plebeians, the World Enders of Los Palos do not hide away in fear of retribution. The World Enders value knowledge and technology above all else. They bestow power and the ability to bring humanity back from the brink of extinction. Their ultimate goal is to defeat the Daemon scourge and rebuild humanity in the way they see fit. 

The World Enders accept those with significant knowledge or skills in scientific fields... Even if they're not perfectly sane. Those without knowledge or skill can still serve the World Enders cause, as long as they're open to being cybernetically augmented to help them better perform the tasks they're given. 

Interested in Joining? Message us at Post Shock to get in touch with the Guild Leader!