Armour guide

All players start with a base of 4HP.

Armour halves any damage taken on it. E.g.: If shot in the chest with a bullet, and you are wearing an approved chest piece, you will take 2HP instead of 4. Any area not covered by armour will take the full 4HP (this includes hitting gaps in armour). Bullets that hit a gun you are holding count as hitting an armoured zone (2HP).

Additional Hit Points can be given with a helmet. Partial helmets (such as a modern military helmet) or a mask (hockey mask) gives a bonus 1HP. Full Helmets that safely covers the face, such as a motocross helmet, sports helmet with grill or police riot helmets will give you 2HP.  

Bonus HP and other items may possibly be awarded upon inspection for good costuming, this includes outstanding prosthetics, armour or costuming quality at Committee discretion.

All styles of armour MUST be appropriate for a Pandemic Apocalypse set in 2086. All WEATHERED clothing must represent your character accurately and fit within the time periods aesthetic.

Wearing clean clothing/costume will result in an in character ‘Washing Machine tax’ which will cost resources in game to wash your clothing. Tax will be determined depending on the exchange rate on the day.

For more information on Armour halving damage see Weapons and damage