In 2052, the world as we knew it, ended.


With resources depleting globally, there was a constant race to create technology to offset the scarcity. Countries were watching each other closely, looking for the answer to outlast the others. It was only a matter of waiting for the first domino to fall and bring on World War III.

The United States government was working on a way to alter the human genome altogether, making their soldiers resistant to any biological ailment or disease that could come their way. Simulations worked well, so the scientists were approved to move forward and test their first human patients.


Fourteen soldiers had volunteered themselves for the experiment, but the treatment and affected the participants more than the scientists could have expected. The side effects started small, but the mutations grew more and more obvious as time went on. The more that their physique changed and became enhanced, the more their mentality and humanity degraded until eventually they were purely driven by primal bloodlust.


The work that was meant to make humans invincible had ultimately resulted in our doom. The genetically enhanced virus spread quickly and went un-diagnosed for weeks as symptoms were too close to pre-existing illness. It started with flu-like symptoms, followed by Anemia until the patient’s veins become prominent on their pale skin. Soon came the bloodlust, unquenchable until they slowly lost their humanity and gave into the monsters entirely. Many call them unspeakable names, but the ever so domineering voice of the church called them Daemons, and it stuck.


The year is now 2086 A.D, 34 years after the Daemon pandemic began and reshaped the entire world. Humanity continues to struggle to survive, in this kill-or-be-killed world.


As a citizen of the new United States, it is time to make your way in this new normal.


Make your mark by shaping towns and new communities to survive,

otherwise you too will soon be prey for the Daemons.