Build a base

How to build Bases

Guilds may build structures in their base to improve resource production, defenses and much more. To build a structure in the base, the guild must pay the build cost to the bank. Base structures must be represented by an approved prop in order to gain the benefits.


Structures provide their benefits as soon as they are constructed and approved (subject to game coordinator availability, usually at the beginning or end of a day), except for resource generators. Resource generators must be constructed and approved before game on in order to receive their benefits, resources generated are automatically added to the guilds bank account at the end of each event in which they are active.


Duplicates of each building type cannot be built but they can be upgraded to improve benefits ( eg. you cannot have two lumber mills).

Independents making bases

Players may start a base on their own. When they are able to purchase a deposit box, the player must apply for a base location and have it approved by the game coordinators. The player may build any structures but only they can receive any benefits that would normally apply to the guild owning that structure.

Reputation limit

Some structures have a reputation requirement that must be reached before they can be built. This limit is the total earned reputation of the player. For guilds, the sum of all reputation earned by members of that guild counts towards the limit.

Upkeep costs

Some structures have an upkeep cost which must be payed to the bank before they can be used each event.


Structure limit

Bases have a limit to how many structures they can hold, this limit can be increased by upgrading to a higher level base.


Future updates

Base structures beyond level 2 will become available.

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