Weapons and armour

Armour - Halves damage wherever worn, some Weapons ignore armour (armour piercing and explosives) if the style is not Weather/appriopriate a washing machine tax is imposed

Additional hit points for 

  • Partial helm = 1 Hp

  • Full helmet = 2 Hp

  • Exceptional costuming = 1 Hp

Standard Weapons Damage 

Light (2 damage)

  • ​Melee

  • gel balls

  • small throwing weapons

Medium (4 damage)

  • NPC Melee

  • Nerf

  • Arrows

Heavy (6 Damage)

  • Grenade (3m Aoe)





A Marshal must be made aware of an attempt to use a bomb.

Successful Detonation on a Deposit box or vault =

Per level of vault/deposit box blown up if a                  is used

Per level of vault/deposit box blown up if a                  is used

Reclonation and death


  1. Bleed-out - 1.5 minutes (lootable)

  2. Unconsciousness - 5 minutes (lootable)

  3. Reclonation/Death 

  4. Amnesia when Recloned - you Remember nothing for 10 minutes prior to Unconsciousness

Marshals must be made aware of Reclonation and deaths!

Species Special abilities


  • Shield Ability - Can call shield and sacrifice a limb to cancel the AOE effect of a grenade - still gets hurt and needs to be repaired. 


  • Synths are immune to all Chemists Concoctions.

  • Synths have infinite bleed time, but must be repaired to get up again.

  • Synths may have a gun integrated into their armour that does not count towards their lootable gun total.


  • mutants Have hardened skin that Counts as armour.

Crafting List

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