Crafting Discription


1 water is consumed by Engineers and Tinkers per 10 minutes of crafting.


More Items will become available to craft in the future!


How to craft in Post Shock

  1. An engineer/tinker/chemist must be provided with the resources required to craft the item.

  2. A marshal or the NPC engineer must be informed of the item being crafted before crafting begins and when it finishes.

  3. The engineer/tinker/chemist roleplays the time required to make the item at an approved station for their profession.

  4. The engineer/tinker/chemist then takes the resources to the bank (including the appropriate amount of water for crafting), in the company of the marshal, and their crafted item is received/approved. In the case of crafting guns, the player receiving the gun license must also go to the bank in order to have their license added to the system.

Gun Licenses

All guns (ballistic, laser, plasma) require a license to carry. The cost of a crafting a gun license represents the resources required to make your first gun of that type/size and the cost of the license from the bank. Once you have a license, it is permanent and you may carry as many guns of that type/size as you like, at no additional cost.

Looted Guns

When a gun is looted, it is treated as “broken” and may not be used, it is to be taken to the bank and exchanged for 2 scrap. If a player is not comfortable handing over their gun to the player, a marshal may be called to take the gun to the bank. The owner of the gun may then buy back the gun from the bank for 2 scrap. If there are any guns left in the bank at the end of games day, the 2 scrap will be automatically deducted from the owner’s bank account when they are collected.