Blowing Things Up

Most things in the Post shock world can be blown up if enough explosive power is used. 

The most Common targets are Deposit boxes and Vaults, as The Director loves a little bit of "friendly" competition in Los-Palos and will reward those that Manage to Destroy another Guilds Safety Storage.


Each Guild May attempt to blow up each other guilds base ONCE per day. So if you have 3 rival guilds, your guild is more than welcome to build 3 bombs and have an attempt at blowing up Each of them once. Bases may not be attacked for 15 minutes before and after lunch.


See “bomb” and “upgraded bomb” for more specific rules on crafting a bomb.


Planting a bomb – you Must make a marshal aware of your intentions, so that the attempt can be monitored (if a marshal is not made aware, the attempt will not count).


The marshal will monitor from a safe distance as to not give away the planted bomb and if successful will let the bank know that you can claim your reward. If not successful and your bomb gets defused (20 seconds of Role-play by an Engineer) that attempt is lost for the day and you will have to wait for another day to retry on that guilds box.


The marshal will also notify the other guilds leader that their deposit box/vault was destroyed / Damaged - see Deposit boxes/vaults for Rules on repairing













Rewards are based on the type of explosive used and if successful detonation was achieved and damage occurred to the deposit box/vault being targeted.

For a Standard bombs successful detonation on another guilds deposit box/Vault 1 uranium ore shall be rewarded per base level that guild has.


For an upgraded bombs successful detonation on another guilds deposit box/Vault 2 uranium ore shall be rewarded per base level.


This reward is only dependent on the bomb going off on a deposit box or vault, and not the actual vault blowing up. So, you may damage someone’s vault without completely destroying it and You still get the reward.

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