1. Code of Conduct

Safety Calls and Normal Calls

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Game Starts/Resumes. Get into character


Game stops momentarily. Reasons include injury or other game related issues. If  this is called due to a safety issue, all players are to take a knee/hold weapon overhead until further instructions is provided by Marshalls


Game Has Finished


NPC - Non-Player Character, those who work with GMs and Committee to progress the story for PCs
PC - Player Character. Players who arrive to experience the world of Post Shock.
GC - Game Coordinator. Looks after the Running of the game, and is invisible to characters.
RP - Roleplay, Interactions between characters built in the Post Shock world
IC - In character, The time you should be in your Post Shock character mindset and immersed in its world.
OOC - Out Of Character, The time you’re able to talk about things concerning the real world, or anything your character wouldn’t typically know
HP - Hit Points, the amount of hits a person can take from a weapon before dying.

AOE – Area of effect


Marshals will be wearing identifying clothing and will be introduced during the morning brief. Consider them as referees who will help the game move along, enforce rules and aid players. They are also there to help resolve any problems between players.


Respect them and their decisions. Failure to do so will result in you being removed from play.

Players who behave badly will be warned. Further repeat offences can result in being removed from the event. Violations of any serious nature will result in immediate removal, and possibly escorted by proper authorities. If you are removed from an event for any reason, you will be prohibited from returning to future Post Shock events or participating in any of our digital medias until further notice

Appeals Process

If a ruling from a marshal you believe to be unfair, you may appeal the decision through the proper procedures. These decisions must be done in an out of character area and in a polite manner. Players who attempt to commence the appeal process on field may face marshal or disciplinary action.

The chain of appeals is as follows.

  1. Your guild leader, unless you are guildless or are the leader.

  2. The marshal who made the ruling.

  3. The shift supervisor of the day.

  4. If the issue has not been resolved on the day message the PostShock Facebook page within 3 days of the incident.

Any ruling that is needed from the committee will be done at the next Committee meeting*

For rulings made by members of the committee, appeals may be presented to the next committee member in the chain of appeals. If the committee has reached a majority vote, that decision is considered final. 

Player Conduct

You are expected to abide by the rules detailed in this guide and do your best to contribute to an immersive and enjoyable experience for all.



As a participant, you are expected to treat all players, marshals and the organisers with respect. Which includes gaining consent in regard to roleplay or breaching a player’s personal space. Harassment of committee members will not be tolerated. These Events are rated 18+, with 16+ during the day events at game organiser and parental discretion. There will be 18+ themes, including and not limited to, sexual references, drug references, violence, and alcohol is permitted at our events, with realistic themes found in any Post-Apocalyptic genre. However, references to rape or pedophilia are not permitted at Postshock events or on any digital platforms.

Excessive use of crude language, abusive/racist or any other derogatory communications in the field of play or on any of our digital platforms will result in you being warned or banned for a set period of time.

Postshock reserve the right to enforce the removal of any player or guild that are portraying or displaying abusive, racist or offensive costuming and propping, as determined by the Postshock Committee. This includes, but is not limited to; graphics, the use of body SFX, clothing, makeup and your characters props. It also includes the iconography and cultural practices of live cultures. We ask that our players show respect, and while we encourage the appreciation of these groups of peoples, we ask that players do not take/ appropriate anything of specific cultural significance, as determined by that culture. Some examples of things NOT accepted at Postshock: -


* Black Face.

* Native American headdresses, body paint and rituals.

* Indigenous Australian Body paint and rituals. Also, the imagery of deceased Indigenous Individuals.

* Mexican “Sugar Skull” (Day of the Dead, or Día de Muertos).


Sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in removal and legal action.


Consumption of illegal substances, or participation in illegal activities at one of our events will result in your immediate removal and legal action.


Alcohol consumption is allowed during Game-On only by approved sources and within in-game boundaries. During Game-Off, alcohol can be consumed in the camping areas after night events. If you are too drunk to drive, you are too drunk to play. Excessive consumption and drunken behavior will result in removal from the game, and up to removal from the event, with possible repercussions at committee disciplinary discretion.

2. Safety

Safety Glasses

As a safety precaution, eye protection must be worn during times of play. e.g.: safety glasses, sunglasses, and goggles etc.

Players who fail to have appropriate eyewear will be restricted to out of character areas until suitable coverage is worn.

Consent Wrist Bands


Consent Wrist Bands are to express - without breaking immersion - what kind of level of interpersonal contact a player is willing to tolerate. Normal combat rules still apply to all levels. *assume red if unseen, no coming from behind no matter the color. These levels are:

Red Band: No physical contact, please respect personal boundary rules. Any rules with necessary touching (i.e., healing) must be done with consent.


Orange Band: Approach with caution, No excessive breaches of personal space without consent.



Green Band: All is a go, this player consents to any and all actions, as long as they still comply with Post Shock’s Code of Conduct and Safety Guidelines.   

3. Armour and Hit Points

Armour/HP guide

All players start with a base of 4HP.

Armour halves any damage taken on it. E.g.: If shot in the chest with a bullet, and you are wearing an approved chest piece, you will take 2HP instead of 4. Any area not covered by armour will take the full 4HP (this includes hitting gaps in armour). Bullets that hit a gun you are holding count as hitting you on armour.

 Additional Hit Points can be given with a helmet. Partial helmets (such as a modern military helmet) or a mask (hockey mask) gives a bonus 1HP. Full Helmets that safely covers the face, such as a motocross helmet, sports helmet with grill or police riot helmets will give you 2HP.  

Bonus HP and other items may possibly be awarded upon inspection for good costuming, this includes outstanding prosthetics, armour or costuming quality at Committee discretion.

All styles of armour MUST be appropriate for a Pandemic Apocalypse set in 2086. All WEATHERED clothing must represent your character accurately and fit within the time periods aesthetic.

Wearing clean clothing/costume will result in an in character ‘Washing Machine tax’ which will cost resources in game to wash your clothing. Tax will be determined depending on the exchange rate on the day.

For more information on Armour halving damage see Weapons and damage

4. Weapons and Damage

Valid and Invalid hits

Invalid Zones - Hits to the head, neck and groin are not valid and will do no damage. If you hit a player in one of these zones, check that you have not caused them pain or injury.


Wrist Flicking - Only using your wrist instead of your arm and wrist, just flicking your wrist back and forth. These do not count and will do no damage.


A successful hit should be a light, yet firm tap with an appropriate latex weapon struck within a 45-degree angle of your arm within the valid hit zones upon the body. DO NOT FOLLOW THROUGH. A hit should be to the person, not THROUGH the person.

Weapons damage

light damage 2
Medium damage 4
Heavy Damage 6
• Melee
• Nerf
• Grenades - 6HP(Explosive*)
• Nerf Mega Dart
• Bombs - 10HP (Explosive*)
• Arrows blocked by a shield (Armour Piercing *)
• Arrows (Armour Piercing*)
• Upgraded Bombs - 15HP (Explosive*)
• Band Guns blocked by a shield (Armour Piercing *)
• All NPC melee attacks
• Chainsaw - 8HP (Armour Piercing)
• Small throwing weapon
• Band Guns (Armour Piercing *)
• Rocket Launcher 14 Damage direct, 6 damage AOE

* ARMOUR PIERCING and EXPLOSIVE damage ignores the benefits of armour. All ARMOUR PIERCING and EXPLOSIVE damage against a DEPLOYED SHIELD (braced with two hands) is HALVED. Additionally, EXPLOSIVE DAMAGE will make the shield unusable until it is repaired by an engineer.

Weapon Types and Length Restrictions

Name or Type
Length Restrictions
Heavy Damage (8)(Armour Piercing)
Rocket Launcher
Heavy Damage (14) Direct, 6 AOE
Approved "Dark moon range" grenade prop
Heavy Damage (6) Explosive
Medium damage (4) (Armour Piercing)
Band Guns (plasma rifles)
Medium damage (4)
Medium damage (4)
Small Throwing Weapon
5 – 30cm
Light damage (2)
Melee weapon
Light damage (2)

Legal LARP Weapons

Legal Melee Weapons


These distributors have standard level of quality that we will allow on site. Note: We will only accept period accurate weapons. Strong medieval designs will not be accepted.  

  • Calimacil

  • Epic Armoury

  • Palnatoke

  • Eagle Flex

  • Forgotten Dreams

Legal Blasters

All blasters must be inspected upon sign in. Blasters MUST be painted to fit period accuracy and MUST have an orange tip.
Blasters may be modified slightly, but must not shoot over allocated FPS (Feet Per Second)

To use a gun in game, you must first obtain a "License" see "Crafting how to" for more information

  • Nerf (Max. 80 FPS)

  • Band Guns: Only fire rubber band gun style projectile (6mm + diameter surgical tubing - which cannot have noticeable hard parts) Maximum exposed area of non-tubing is 15mm (zip tie/rope)


Legal Bows/Arrows

  • Bows must be 25 pounds or under in draw strength

  • Arrows must be Woarchery larp arrows

  • All arrows must be inspected at weapons check at the start of each day

Small throwing weapons

Such as bricks, rocks and small knives etc.

  • Must fit the time period of Postshock

  • Must be coreless. Must be made of closed cell or injection molded foam.


  • Shields are to be made of plywood, plastic or metal with foam edging, or wholly of foam/latex.

  • Shields are designed to minimize the risk of serious or permanent injury to a person, and damage to foam prop weapons.

  • Shields must be checked with the weapons master at sign in and have a maximum size of 1 x 1.5m.


Players must not use a shield which is unsafe. A marshal reserves the right to take any shield they deem unsafe during any point of the game

  • Ateliers Nemesis

  • Museum Replicas/Warlord

  • Eldritch

  • Foam Dragon

5. Explosives

Blowing Things Up

Most things in the Post shock world can be blown up if enough explosive power is used. 

The most Common targets are Deposit boxes and Vaults, as The Director loves a little bit of "friendly" competition  and will reward those that Manage to Destroy another Guilds Safety Storage.


Each Guild May attempt to blow up each other guilds base ONCE per day. So if you have 3 rival guilds, your guild is more than welcome to build 3 bombs and have an attempt at blowing up Each of them once. 


See “bomb” and “upgraded bomb” for more specific rules on crafting a bomb.


Planting a bomb – you Must make a marshal or games coordinator aware of your intentions, so that the attempt can be monitored (if a marshal is not made aware, the attempt will not count).


The marshal will monitor from a safe distance as to not give away the planted bomb and if successful will let the bank know that you can claim your reward. If not successful and your bomb gets defused (20 seconds of Role-play by an Engineer) that attempt is lost for the day and you will have to wait for another day to retry on that guilds box.


The marshal will also notify the other guilds leader that their deposit box/vault was destroyed / Damaged - see Deposit boxes/vaults for Rules on repairing


















Rewards are based on the type of explosive used and if successful detonation was achieved and damage occurred to the deposit box/vault being targeted.

For a Standard bombs successful detonation on another guilds deposit box/Vault 1 uranium ore shall be rewarded per base level that guild has.


For an upgraded bombs successful detonation on another guilds deposit box/Vault 2 uranium ore shall be rewarded per base level.


This reward is only dependent on the bomb going off on a deposit box or vault, and not the actual vault blowing up. So, you may damage someone’s vault without completely destroying it and You still get the reward.

6. Reclonation and Death

Bleed-out and Unconsciousness

When a character drops down to 0 HP, the player will go into a ‘Bleed out’ phase. This is shown by kneeling or sitting on the ground for 1.5 minutes. Players are permitted to yell for help, or slowly crawl away, but any actions must be slow, as you are Role Playing bleeding to death.
After the bleed out phase, the player will then go to an "unconscious state". This is shown by either lying down (if safety permits) or placing a hand on the head for 5 minutes. In this state the player cannot talk, or interact with the IC world, as they are unconscious. (They may respond to OC needs, like asking consent to move them etc.)   


Players may be stabilized (shown by RP, but minimum must have a hand on a shoulder) by another player, which will pause the counter. The stabilizer may walk slowly to a medic with the injured player. Please see Medic Profession to see rules about healing.



While a player is in the bleed out or unconscious phase they may be looted. This means giving over all lootable items, save for 1 (one) gun and 6 (six) bullets (unless otherwise stated by an active perk).


Quick Guide

  1. Bleed-out – 1.5 minutes

  2. Unconsciousness – 5 minutes

  3. Death - (See reclonation/Death below)

Reclonation and Perma-Death

If a player is not stabilized in the Bleed out or Unconscious phase, the character is pronounced dead and must drop all lootable items, save for 1 (one) gun and 6 (six) bullets (unless otherwise stated by an active perk). The player must then go to the reclonation station and take one of the following two actions.

1. Reclone: The player can choose to reclone the character in town. The character’s consciousness, memories, thoughts and emotions are all transferred to the new clone, as well as their clothes and equipment.

There are several ways reclonation can be payed for. see "Reclonation Costs"

However, reclonation is not perfect and the character forgets everything that happened in the 10 minutes before they fell unconscious.

How to Reclone

If you have decided to reclone after death you must go to the reclonation station. a cost must be payed to be Re-cloned, To do this you may put your hand on your head and call over a marshal, the cost can then be payed and you will be allowed to rejoin play as your new clone - don't forget about the 10 minutes amnesia!


2. Perma Death: The player can choose to create a new character at the sign in desk. This desk will be equipped with the skills to make a new character, such as Post Shock loaner kit, a new license. It is encouraged that players bring enough spare kit to distinguish themselves enough from the deceased character. However large items like coats or armour could be believed to have been looted by the new character.

Reclonation Costs

Reclonation is not free... The Director isnt that nice... 

There is currently 4 Types of reclonation Payments


  1. Pre-Purchased Reclones.

  2. Reclonation Tokens. 

  3. Bottle caps.

  4. Temporary Quest Reward.

Pre-Purchased (costs 1 bottle cap)


One of the easiest ways to make sure you will always have a backup encase of death is to pre-purchase reclonations at the Bank These can be bought with Bottle-caps at a rate of 1 for 1, they will add one to your personal account and when you die you can call over a marshal, they will then go to the bank, have your Pre purchase taken off your account and you will be recloned instantly!

These tokens are NON-tradable and can not be sold back.

Reclonation Tokens

These are essentially a physical version of a Pre-purchased reclone. if you have one of these you may hand it directly to a Marshal and respawn instantly (no waiting for bank approval of deduction). These tokens can be purchased off the bank, or earned as a reward around Las-Polas

These tokens are NON-tradable and NON-lootable and can not be sold back.

Bottle caps

If you do not have any Reclonation tokens you may be re cloned for the cost of a bottle cap, The best thing about this payment system is that ANYONE can pay for someone elses reclone if they are feeling kind enough, either a bottle cap gets handed over to the Marshal, or one is Deducted from an account for the payment to be made.

Temporary Rewards

Sometimes You may be rewarded with a Special Reclone, this may be for Completing a quest or participating in a special game, these reclones normally have conditions of them "for the next 24 hours", or maybe an NPC may pay for one "if you die doing a certain task" for them for example. if it is not used in the Time frame, or within the conditions The Reclone will be Void.

7. Playable Character Species

Cybernetically Enhanced Humans (CYBORGS)

In such a technologically advanced world, Humans experimented with exchange or adding technology onto themselves to enhance abilities that would be limiting to the human physicality. Most popular amongst human’s pre-epidemic was limb replacement, but some are seen with replacement of eyes, ears etc. for better sensory perception.

Costume Requirements:

Robotic looking prosthetics in areas of choice. (e.g.: cybernetic arms/legs. Wiring and metal plates on face. Cybernetics must cover at least half a limb to count. 15% of face coverage for HP bonuses.)

Special Abilities:

Any limb that counts as robotic can be used to shield against a grenade, cancelling the AoE damage of the grenade, at the cost of the Cyborg being sent straight to bleed out. “Shield” must be called out on activation of the ability. The player will require an engineer to repair the limb before the ability and limb can be used again. Cyborgs may have weapons integrated into their prosthetics, these weapons are not counted when the player is looted.

Humanoid Automoton (SYNTH)

The early stages of an Android, Synths were popular to replace humans for menial tasks before the epidemic, or as companions with largely varying AI systems, some have even been uploaded with a human conscious.

Costume Requirements:

50% or more of the player must look synthetic or robotic through the use of prosthetics and high-quality makeup, at least half of which must be prosthetics. Synths also have an RP requirement; the player must act or speak in a way that replicates being robotic in nature.

Special Abilities:

Synths have infinite bleed out time but must be repaired by an engineer (equivalent to medics). Synths may have weapons integrated into their prosthetics, these weapons are not counted when player is looted. Synths are immune to the effects of all chemist concoctions.


Survivors of the apocalypse that have kept their humanity and visual appearance intact.

Costume Requirements:

Weather Clothing or Armour

Special Abilities:



Humans who weren’t lucky enough to have full immunity. Mutants are those who have caught the Daemon virus, gaining boons like thick skin and faster healing time, but at the cost of their own appearance, but not enough to fully turn. Most humans are wary of Mutants, due to the similarities in appearance to stage 1 daemons

Costume Requirements:

Sickly and/or repulsive appearance indicative of mutation beyond normal humanity. Suggested Costume Elements include; discoloured or clammy pale skin, prominent red veins, black around orifices + fingertips. Blood from tear ducts, nose and mouth, reddening eyes.

Special Abilities:

Any exposed 'mutated' skin shown counts as armor* (*Armor does not stack)