Explosives/Munitions EMG response specialist

The explosives specialists are normally trained in chemical or conventional munitions and explosives handling, Transportation, Destruction techniques and render-safe procedures.

An explosives expert is the only one skilled enough to use grenades. An explosive expert cant make two grenades with 4 iron, 2 wood and 1 explosive component.

Kit Requirements:

A timer, Dice, Tool Kit, Hand held switch, Vials of liquids, measuring tape, Face shield and Bomb Belt. All props must be made from foam, plastic or other ‘child safe’ materials. No glass!


From the mad scientists to the naturopaths, Chemists have a knack for creating concoctions that make people feel a lot stronger or faster in these harsh times. They have a keen eye, a good knowledge of plants and a dash of daring too.

Chemists take 30 – 90 seconds to create concoctions (depending on difficulty of desired concoction) to create boons and buffs for players with the appropriate ingredients/resources found around the land. Players cannot be interrupted while making medicine, or risk ruining the ingredients and needing to start all over again.

For a Full list of Chemists Concoctions see the Chemists Crafting lists

Kit Requirements:

Vials of liquids, Measuring + stirring equipment. Kit to look appropriate for the character and what kind of chemist they may be, with appropriate weathering. E.g.: Lab coats or protective equipment (gloves, masks etc.). All props must be made from foam, plastic or other ‘child safe’ materials. No glass!


Those with sufficient knowledge to write code in a world with diminished reliance on computers are rare, let alone those who are proficient enough in multiple coding languages to call themselves a hacker. Hacking advanced systems often requires a two-pronged approach, where the hacker connects to the device through a neural interface as well as the more conventional use of a computer.

Hackers can hack the electronic locks of base walls and vaults as well as other items that may be found in the apocalypse. To hack something a marshal must be notified to observe the attempt and determine its success or failure. Hacking is done through a die roll which may be modified by perks, the level of the lock which will be clearly visible is subtracted from the die roll.


Die roll results:

  • 2 or less: Failure, takes 3 minutes rp.

  • 3-4: Success with some difficulty, takes 3 minutes rp.

  • 5 or more: Success, takes 2 minutes rp.

A hacker is not limited to only hacking locks, as with all things in Post Shock you may RP hacking other electronic devices as long as players affected agree (a marshal is not required for this), and the effects do not conflict with game mechanics. If hacking something that may affect the game at large, you will need a game coordinator present.


The die is rolled by the marshal in secret and the hacker is told how long the rp will take, at the conclusion of the rp the hacker is informed of the result.

Kit Requirements:

A timer. A hacking rig. Acceptable hacking rigs must have three key components; a screen, keypad or keyboard and cable(s) for plugging into the device being hacked (any cable will suffice, if your cable doesn’t fit the socket, just pretend it does). A neural interface. The neural interface can take many forms, so long as it has a cable to connect the device being hacked to the hacker’s central nervous system. Some suggestions are; High tech eye/head gear which scans the user’s brain. A plug at the base of the neck, temple or forearm. Integrated into cybernetics. Imagination is your limit! All props must be made from foam, plastic or other ‘child safe’ materials.


Trained engineers are rare in the apocalypse, specialists with technology and advanced creations, with the right blueprints the engineers’ abilities are boundless. They are a dying breed, education is a thing of the past.

Engineers are the only ones who have the skills necessary to successfully repair technology in the apocalypse. By obtaining the right blueprints they can, repair and “heal” Synths to working order, build and disarm bombs, build weapons and much more.


For every 10 minutes an engineer works they must consume a water!

Kit Requirements:

A timer. Tools of the trade (hammer, wrench, spanners, measuring tapes, must have a full tool kit). A tool belt, satchel or toolbox to hold tools. Electrical testing and repair equipment such as a multimeter, pliers and electrical tape. All props must be made from foam, plastic or other ‘child safe’ materials.


Their creations are questionable, and probably rely a little too much on duct tape or WD40. But they’re inventive and can keep the place running, even if it’s a safety code violation… But that doesn’t matter in an apocalypse… Right?

Tinkers can craft the basics to keep the world running, assuming they have the provisions to do so. Not the most trained in the world, Tinkers come from handyman or hobbyist backgrounds or things that have been taught through the years. (see table below)


For every 10 minutes a Tinker works they must consume a water!


Ability: Tinkers may recycle bullets, to do this they need a tinker box (a lockable container with a dart slot), and some sort of claw on the end of a stick, you pick up the bullet and put it in the box, once in the box they must not be taken out again. The Tinker can then take these bullets to a tinker station and repack these bullets at a 3-1 ratio (3 picked up bullets gives them 1 new bullet) before removing any bullets from the box, a marshal or game coordinator must be made aware of the number of bullets to be repacked. (30 seconds role play to repack 1 bullet).


Tinkers may assist Engineers in crafting items, this halves the crafting time required, but both tinker and engineer must RP crafting. When a tinker assists and engineer, 1 water is required every 5 minutes of crafting to hydrate both the tinker and engineer (so it will not require more water than usual if a tinker helps). When assisting with crafting of grenades and bombs, the chemists crafting time is also halved.

Kit Requirements:

A timer. Appropriate tools (hammer, wrench, spanners, drill, measuring tapes etc.), weathered clothing and weathered protective gear (overalls or coveralls, tool belt, welding mask, thick safety goggles etc.), tinker box and claw are optional but required for the ability above. All props must be made from foam, plastic or other ‘child safe’ materials.


Whether they are old doctors, nurses or anyone with a bit of medical know-how, Medics have the ability to heal players from their fatal wounds, bringing them back to health. Medics are known to be resourceful in the apocalypse for being able to heal their allies.

Medics must roleplay for 15s per 1hp, during this time they must roll a D6 for complications,

  • 1-2 Roleplay condition (limp, loss of use of arm, change of mindset, etc.)

  • 3-4 Complication, each HP take 30 instead of 15 sec.

  • 5-6 Everything is fine.

Kit Requirements:

Medic kit (EG: bandages, bone saw, syringe, scalpel, needle and gut thread etc.), immersive clothing (weathered scrubs, doctors everything is fine) and ability to roleplay with props. Timer, Dice: All props must be made from foam, plastic or other ‘child safe’ materials.