Reclonation and Death

Bleed-out and Unconsciousness

When a character drops down to 0 HP, the player will go into a ‘Bleed out’ phase. This is shown by kneeling or sitting on the ground for 1.5 minutes. Players are permitted to yell for help, or slowly crawl away, but any actions must be slow, as you are Role Playing bleeding to death.
After the bleed out phase, the player will then go to an "unconscious state". This is shown by either lying down (if safety permits) or placing a hand on the head for 5 minutes. In this state the player cannot talk, or interact with the IC world, as they are unconscious. (They may respond to OC needs, like asking consent to move them etc.)   


Players may be stabilized (shown by RP, but minimum must have a hand on a shoulder) by another player, which will pause the counter. The stabilizer may walk slowly to a medic with the injured player. Please see Medic Profession to see rules about healing.



While a player is in the bleed out or unconscious phase they may be looted. This means giving over all lootable items, save for 1 (one) gun and 6 (six) bullets (unless otherwise stated by an active perk).


Quick Guide

  1. Bleed-out – 1.5 minutes

  2. Unconsciousness – 5 minutes

  3. Death - (See reclonation/Death below)

Reclonation and Perma-Death

If a player is not stabilized in the Bleed out or Unconscious phase, the character is pronounced dead and must drop all lootable items, save for 1 (one) gun and 6 (six) bullets (unless otherwise stated by an active perk). The player must then go to the reclonation station and take one of the following two actions.

1. Reclone: The player can choose to reclone the character in town. The character’s consciousness, memories, thoughts and emotions are all transferred to the new clone, as well as their clothes and equipment.

There are several ways reclonation can be payed for. see "Reclonation Costs"

However, reclonation is not perfect and the character forgets everything that happened in the 10 minutes before they fell unconscious.

How to Reclone

If you have decided to reclone after death you must go to the reclonation station. a cost must be payed to be Re-cloned, To do this you may put your hand on your head and call over a marshal, the cost can then be payed and you will be allowed to rejoin play as your new clone - don't forget about the 10 minutes amnesia!


2. Perma Death: The player can choose to create a new character at the sign in desk. This desk will be equipped with the skills to make a new character, such as Post Shock loaner kit, a new license. It is encouraged that players bring enough spare kit to distinguish themselves enough from the deceased character. However large items like coats or armour could be believed to have been looted by the new character.

Reclonation Costs

Reclonation is not free... The Director isnt that nice... 

There is currently 4 Types of reclonation Payments


  1. Pre-Purchased Reclones.

  2. Reclonation Tokens. 

  3. Bottle caps.

  4. Temporary Quest Reward.

Pre-Purchased (costs 1 bottle cap)


One of the easiest ways to make sure you will always have a backup encase of death is to pre-purchase reclonations at the Bank These can be bought with Bottle-caps at a rate of 1 for 1, they will add one to your personal account and when you die you can call over a marshal, they will then go to the bank, have your Pre purchase taken off your account and you will be recloned instantly!

These tokens are NON-tradable and can not be sold back.

Reclonation Tokens

These are essentially a physical version of a Pre-purchased reclone. if you have one of these you may hand it directly to a Marshal and respawn instantly (no waiting for bank approval of deduction). These tokens can be purchased off the bank, or earned as a reward around Las-Polas

These tokens are NON-tradable and NON-lootable and can not be sold back.

Bottle caps

If you do not have any Reclonation tokens you may be re cloned for the cost of a bottle cap, The best thing about this payment system is that ANYONE can pay for someone elses reclone if they are feeling kind enough, either a bottle cap gets handed over to the Marshal, or one is Deducted from an account for the payment to be made.

Temporary Rewards

Sometimes You may be rewarded with a Special Reclone, this may be for Completing a quest or participating in a special game, these reclones normally have conditions of them "for the next 24 hours", or maybe an NPC may pay for one "if you die doing a certain task" for them for example. if it is not used in the Time frame, or within the conditions The Reclone will be Void.