Reputation Information

Reputation determines the experience gained in the apocalypse. This would range from being able to complete certain tasks, quests or achieving certain skills. Reputation points can be used to enhance your character. All REPUTATION is attached to a character and can not be traded/Looted or banked into anyone elses account.

Reputation is tracked in two different ways, Total Earned, and Spent Reputation points.

Total Reputation


Total Reputation is what you have received since the start of your character. You will receive 1 Reputation per event for the character you play.  You also earn Reputation from completing quests, the bigger the quest the more you earn. Simple quests i.e. fetch quests will earn you resources not Reputation. Total Reputation may also be a requirement for "Purchasing" certain items, or "Accessing" Certain areas



Spent Reputation

You then can “spend” your Reputation, on perks for your character, These perks enhance your characters. 

Mrs Browns reputation after she buys a perk may look like this "5/10 reputation" the first number showing her Active reputation she can buy things with, and the second showing how much she has Earned since she entered Los Palos.


Guild Reputation

Guild Reputation is the Total of the "earned" reputation of the members in the Guild.

For example a guild has 5 active Players that each have 5  Total reputation, their guild total would be 25 (it does not matter how much active reputation they have to spend, it only goes off the Total) (only Active players count towards the guilds Total)



Purchasing Perks

Character Perks

·         Perks are purchased with a characters reputation.

.         perks can be purchased after game off (first day), or the second day of sign in.

·         Once purchased a perk is permanent and will stay in effect so long as the character satisfies any requirements of that perk.

·         There is no limit to the number of perks a character may have.

·         A character may not have duplicates of the same perk.

Guild Perks - Watch this space!