Safety Glasses

As a safety precaution, eye protection must be worn during times of play. e.g.: safety glasses, sunglasses, and goggles etc.

Players who fail to have appropriate eyewear will be restricted to out of character areas until suitable coverage is worn.

Consent Wrist Bands

Consent Wrist Bands are to express - without breaking immersion - what kind of level of interpersonal contact a player is willing to tolerate. Normal combat rules still apply to all levels. *assume red if unseen, no coming from behind no matter the color. These levels are:

Red Band: No physical contact, please respect personal boundary rules. Any rules with necessary touching (i.e., healing) must be done with consent.


Orange Band: Approach with caution, No excessive breaches of personal space without consent.

Green Band: All is a go, this player consents to any and all actions, as long as they still comply with Post Shock’s Code of Conduct and Safety Guidelines.