Weapons and Damage

Valid and Invalid hits

Invalid Zones - Hits to the head, neck and groin are not valid and will do no damage. If you hit a player in one of these zones, check that you have not caused them pain or injury.


Wrist Flicking - Only using your wrist instead of your arm and wrist, just flicking your wrist back and forth. These do not count and will do no damage.


A successful hit should be a light, yet firm tap with an appropriate latex weapon struck within a 45-degree angle of your arm within the valid hit zones upon the body. DO NOT FOLLOW THROUGH. A hit should be to the person, not THROUGH the person.

Weapons damage

Light Damage (2 HP)
Medium Damage (4 HP)
Heavy Damage (6 HP)
• Melee
• Nerf
• Grenades - 6HP(Explosive*)
• Nerf Mega Dart
• Bombs - 10HP (Explosive*)
• Arrows blocked by a shield (Armour Piercing *)
• Arrows (Armour Piercing*)
• Upgraded Bombs - 15HP (Explosive*)
• Band Guns blocked by a shield (Armour Piercing *)
• All NPC melee attacks
• Chainsaw - 8HP (Armour Piercing)
• Small throwing weapon
• Band Guns (Armour Piercing *)
• Rocket Launcher 14 Damage direct, 6 damage AOE

* ARMOUR PIERCING and EXPLOSIVE damage ignores the benefits of armour. All ARMOUR PIERCING and EXPLOSIVE damage against a DEPLOYED SHIELD (braced with two hands) is HALVED. Additionally, EXPLOSIVE DAMAGE will make the shield unusable until it is repaired by an engineer.

Weapon Types and Length Restrictions

Name or Type
Length Restrictions
Heavy Damage (8)(Armour Piercing)
Rocket Launcher
Heavy Damage (14) Direct, 6 AOE
Approved "Dark moon range" grenade prop
Heavy Damage (6) Explosive
Medium damage (4) (Armour Piercing)
Band Guns (plasma rifles)
Medium damage (4)
Medium damage (4)
Small Throwing Weapon
5 – 30cm
Light damage (2)
Melee weapon
Light damage (2)

Legal LARP Weapons

Legal Melee Weapons


These distributors have standard level of quality that we will allow on site. Note: We will only accept period accurate weapons. Strong medieval designs will not be accepted.  

  • Calimacil

  • Epic Armoury

  • Palnatoke

  • Eagle Flex

  • Forgotten Dreams

  • Ateliers Nemesis

  • Museum Replicas/Warlord

  • Eldritch

  • Foam Dragon

Legal Blasters

All blasters must be inspected upon sign in. Blasters MUST be painted to fit period accuracy and MUST have an orange tip.
Blasters may be modified slightly, but must not shoot over allocated FPS (Feet Per Second)

To use a gun in game, you must first obtain a "License" see "Crafting how to" for more information

  • Nerf (Max. 80 FPS)

  • Band Guns: Only fire rubber band gun style projectile (6mm + diameter surgical tubing - which cannot have noticeable hard parts) Maximum exposed area of non-tubing is 15mm (zip tie/rope)

  • Bows must be 25 pounds or under


Legal Bows/Arrows

  • Bows must be 25 pounds or under in draw strength

  • Arrows must be Woarchery larp arrows

  • All arrows must be inspected at weapons check at the start of each day

Small throwing weapons

Such as bricks, rocks and small knives etc.

  • Must fit the time period of Postshock

  • Must be coreless. Must be made of closed cell or injection molded foam.


  • Shields are to be made of plywood, plastic or metal with foam edging, or wholly of foam/latex.

  • Shields are designed to minimize the risk of serious or permanent injury to a person, and damage to foam prop weapons.

  • Shields must be checked with the weapons master at sign in and have a maximum size of 1 x 1.5m.


Players must not use a shield which is unsafe. A marshal reserves the right to take any shield they deem unsafe during any point of the game